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Citation Building Service

A great SEO campaign is based on citations. If you’re creating a new location, a proper citation building service will help search engines locate it faster and create local search traffic.

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Super Quick TAT Times

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UK Based Link Sales

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No hassle swap service

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We create four types of citations.

We create a wide range of citations because it is what produces the best results. However, this does not imply selecting sources at random. We look beyond the top-50 lists to find sources with a genuine relationship to your niche, location, state, etc. Being able to build so many different sorts simply aids us in finding the best fit.

Business Listings

For structured citations, business directories remain the gold standard. We create a custom mix for each citation building client, based on their industry, region, and other considerations.

Social citations

leverage the vast size and authority of social networks to provide you with a high-quality citation with some clout. Social citations stating your company’s details are an important component of any Local SEO plan.

Images Citations

are enjoyed by both photo users and search engines. We’ll add important information to the photographs of your company that you’ve provided and upload them to the most popular photo sites. You’ll get a local citation on several high authority photo sharing sites, and you might even get some image search traffic.

Video Citations

Video citations add variation to your citation profile and allow you to appear in video searches for your business information. If you do not have a video, we will generate one for you using Powtoon and submit it to high authority video sites with your company data and link in the description.
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So what is a citation?

Moz found that creating local citations is one of the most essential tactics for enhancing your local SEO ranking. A citation is a mention of your company’s name, address, and phone number on a third-party website.
Citations may be of various forms and may include your company’s name, address, phone number, products, services, photos, business hours, videos, and social media connections. Citations can be unstructured, as in an article, when the author’s name and address/products are scattered throughout the text, or structured, as in a directory listing, where the author’s name, address, phone number, etc. are listed in a precise format. These are typically under your control, as you can submit them to Google, Yelp, and other directories for inclusion.
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With our clients we are generally seeing a better ROI from niche edits. They work out cheaper than guest posts as we don’t have content costs. The articles are already indexed and therefore we see ranking improvements quicker.

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We allow absolutely any anchor text you wish to use. Where possible, we will always work with the webmaster(s) to insert an extra sentence or two to ensure that your anchor text fits in naturally with the surrounding text. It’s entirely up to you what anchor text you want to use, and how aggressive you want to go.

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We are unable to give a specific time frame on how long a link will last for. We do not control the websites, nor do we have control over how long the link will last. It is ultimately up to the webmaster whether they decide to keep the link indefinitely. However, we do guarantee that a link will remain in place for at least 6-months and will replace any links that drop off within this time.

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Our Citation Building Procedure

We safeguard the quality using a seven-step procedure that includes:
Validating your company’s records
Auditing your current citations to determine your current profile
Examining the citations utilised by your leading five competitors
Researching the greatest sources that your competitors have not exploited or are unaware of
Managing the submissions to directories
The process of activating your new profiles
Recording the logins in a tidy, user-friendly spreadsheet so that you may continue to maintain and update your new citations.

Why we construct citations by hand?

Citations are not created evenly. Well-constructed citations need time, care, and experience, but they help you grow consistently and only increase in value with time. Poorly constructed citations score poorly in comparison to ours, but it may be the least of your issues.
Accuracy is the top priority in citations. The information included in the citations must be correct and consistent across all instances. A single citation with the incorrect company name may be construed as a competitor. First, you lose any growth that would have accrued to your business as a result of creating the citation. Second, if the bad citation is picked up by an aggregator, the situation might get even worse.
A data aggregator is a company that compiles huge quantities of local business information from various directories, public records, and other sources. They do this so that they can offer this data as a service to local search engines, advertisers, and newer directories attempting to cover data gaps. When one of these companies obtains your inaccurate information, they may distribute it to hundreds or thousands of other sources.
These citations should have been yours, but you’re now sharing your growth with a fictitious corporation. Thankfully, it is not yet the end of the world. The process of identifying and removing incorrect citations is known as citation cleanup, and we excel at it.
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