If you have a website you expect to get traffic. But this may not be the case.

Yes, you have quality content but you’re not ranking as other sites that may seem authority sites to you.

Then you begin to wonder what you are not doing correctly.

This is the reason.

No matter how quality content you have on your site, without backlinks it is of no use.

Yes, that is right. You need other high-ranking sites to link to your site for your site to be noticed by the Search Engines.

Having known that, let’s look at how you can get quality backlinks in 2022.

Infographic link building

 New ways keep emerging when it comes to SEO techniques. One of them is infographic link building and you should try it in 2022.

Well, the truth of the matter is things keep changing and what worked in 2021 may work best in 2022.

So, infographics are the use of images to represent data and its optimization is important for your website.

Users love images if you use them well then you gain free backlinks to your website.

Just make sure they’re of high quality and clear. Most important you should make them sharable on different platforms.

Guest post for domain authority

Blogging and guest posting remains a great force to improve your SEO.

What you should put into mind is quality. Let your content be of high quality to get backlinks from domains that Google and other Search engines love to rank.

Then, after identifying the websites that you wish to link back to you, professionally send them pitches and let them know you would love to do a guest post.

With the right intent and if you offer them quality in return, your offer will be accepted and then you get a backlink to your website.

Brand signals with profiles on social media.

Many people use social media either for business or fun. And these trends will continue in 2022.

You can use this opportunity to create backlinks to your website. What you can do is have clear and complete profiles with your brand on them.

Post and engage with your followers on relevant matters and there you have backlinks to your website or blog.

Commenting on authority blogs

Another method to build quality backlinks will be blog commenting. Look for the blogs that are said to have domain authority and comment positively on their posts.

Relating well and giving them quality will earn desired backlinks to your website.

Converting unlinked brand mentions.

Another great way to build quality backlinks will be to convert any mention of your brand on the web to a backlink. If there is a mention of the brand on the website it means you are giving them value.

All you need to is reach out to them and requesting to replace the mention with a link back to your website. That is how you get quality backlinks at almost no cost.

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