Getting traffic is the only way you can be sure your online business or product will be bought.

Otherwise, there is no need of having excellent content or product if no one notices you have it in the first place.

And the surest way of attracting traffic to your site is through creating natural building or niche site back-linking.

But if you have to get backlinks, you need to make sure that you use white hat techniques. Any back-linking that is not natural will get the attention of the Search engines. And if they realize it is solicited to mislead their algorithms, then it can lead to your site being pulled down.

However, there are unnatural backlinks building techniques that are illegal. And by using any of these will have no problems with the search engines.

One of them is niche edit backlinking.

This is where, instead of going for a fresh guest post on a blog that you wish to link to, you insert links to an already old page that has relevant and active traffic.

So what are the reasons why niche edit backlinks matter to your website? Maybe you ask…

This is why.

  1. You won’t be penalized.

Niche edit backlinks are not black hat techniques for ranking high on search engines. They are acceptable ways of increasing traffic to your site. For that matter, you won’t have problems with the said search engines, and your site won’t be deindexed or penalized.

  • You gain Instant traffic.

Unlike guest posts where you do a new blog post with your links, niche edits backlinks allow you to link to an already indexed old blog post or page. What this means is that you gain instant traffic from that site. It works to your advantage in that you transfer the link juice immediately to your site.

  • It Saves time and cost

Search engines and Google for that case love natural backlinking for any sites to compete healthily. Well, this is good and who wouldn’t love to link naturally to the authority sites?..

But this may take ages; if at all your site will reach that stage. The time needed for your site to attract natural backing linking and command a good domain authority may be too long. The investments may also be huge.

To bypass this challenge, niche edit backlinks give your site the traffic you may need in a short time.


So if you have a new website and you’re looking for a solution to get traffic in a reasonable time, niche site backlinks are a better way.

You will need to find the relevant sites with quality content. As long as it is an old page that has already been indexed and has traffic flowing then the Search engines have approved it.

By utilizing niche edit backlinks you’ll gain nothing short but instant traffic that is good for your site. And your site won’t be penalized. It will only hasten the time you could have waited to get natural backlinks instead.

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